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Nagpur is a city in the state of Maharashtra, and is the largest city in the tribal central India and also the third largest city by population in the state of Maharashtra. With a population of around 2,420,000; Nagpur UA is the 13th largest urban conglomeration in India, the 114th largest city in world, and the 143rd largest urban area in world in terms of population. The city is also the seat of annual winter session of Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha. Nagpur is also the major commercial and political center of the backward Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, and is also famous throughout the country as "Orange City" for being a major trade center of oranges. The city assumes political importance from being the headquarters for the Hindu nationalist organisation RSS and an important location for the Dalit Buddhist movement.

Nagpur lies on the Deccan plateau of the Indian Peninsula and has a mean altitude of 310 meters above sea level. The underlying rock strata is covered with alluvial deposits resulting from the flood plain of the Kanhan River. In some places these give rise to granular sandy soil. However, in low lying areas which are poorly drained, the soil is alluvial clay with poor permeability characteristics. In eastern part of city crystalline metamorphic rocks such as gneiss, schist and granites are found, while in the Northern part yellowish sand stones and clays of the lower Gondwana formations are found. Nagpur city is dotted with many natural and man made lakes with Ambazari lake being the largest of all. Other natural lakes include Futala lake, Gorewada Lake and Telangkhedi lake. Sonegaon lake along with Gandhisagar lake are man-made lakes created by cities historical rulers. Nag river, Pilli nadi along with various nallas form the natural drainage pattern for city. Nagpur is known for its greenery, and was judged as the cleanest and second greenest in India after Bangalore.

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